Tuesday, June 30, 2009


for five days or so...
BTN's waiting....
somewhere at Manjung i guess....
Yes out of this college...
no more class...
no more boredom...
although it's just a temporary one....

~may God bless me~

Monday, June 29, 2009

.....word verification.....

ok.. this is ridiculous.. and a bit crazy maybe... this ntah pape idea pop-up in my mind around 5.30 am when my eyes mogok dont want to sleep... haila~ -_-"
just a few arranged alphabets that i didnt know what they are about... i bet u also have no idea dude.... a box of Italian spherical chocolate sweet for the 1st person who get the meaning... hoho Ferrero Rocher tu... hikhik~ =p

so... here are the unknown:


p/s : all these words i took from the word verification for the blog post comment... >.<

Sunday, June 28, 2009

ape kejadahnye....

huhu no wonder la diorg xmo blk mkb...
mmg dem borim tahap x igt...
entry ni pn ntah pape dah... haiz..
blogging not in da mood... huhu~
layan movie lg best.... or shopin? erk..

hujung minggu ku sepi... -_-"

Friday, June 26, 2009

Sabtu 27 Jun 2009

esok da kelas ganti...
huuu sungguh tidak best...
aku maw tido sampe tgh hari okeh...
haiz... -_-"

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

10 Things Every Woman Wants in a Man??

1. The first and most important characteristic is honesty. If you’re not about to trust your man, you don’t have a relationship! Men, tell the truth, all the time, no matter how bad it may be. We’ll love you for your honesty!

2. What’s a man without a good sense of humor? Boring, that’s what! Sing her a song, tell a joke, do whatever you have to make her laugh, because if you don’t know how to make or take a joke, a long, happy relationship is probably not in your future.

3. A nice smile can make any woman smile! It’s the most important part of a person’s face and it’s the first thing you see when you meet someone new, so make sure that those pearly whites are sparkling!

4. Men like to talk about what they know, and actually, women like to hear it. Intelligence is one of the most attractive characteristics in any man. We want you to amaze us with your extensive knowledge about electrical circuitry!

5. One thing that is so refreshing to find in a guy is a positive outlook on life. Negative people just bring others down with them and no woman wants a man who will make her sad and depressed.

6. Having a sensitive demeanor is key to any successful relationship, so to see a man who’s able to connect to his sensitive side is sweet and actually very manly. Yes, a sensitive man can be quite masculine and sexy!

7. Many woman love adventure and trying new things so it’s great have a man with an open mind. Being able to step out of one’s comfort zone to take risks is such an important characteristic because it really makes life interesting. Kris makes me try new foods all the time, foods I would othewise, had never tried myself.

8. Seriously, women can spend up to an hour each day making ourselves look pretty for you. Well we want the same respect back! Your physical appearance is important! We don’t want to be seen with a slob! Please, take some time and work on your appearance!

9. Old fashioned chivalry is still greatly appreciated by many women. It’s not easy to find any more these days, but luckily I’ve managed to find a gentleman who still thinks a lady deserves to be treated like such!

10. One thing that I’ve always loved about Kris is his determination. He’s goal orientated and that’s so important to me, especially since I have my own goals as well, so we’re able to motivate each other.

girls!! benarkah ini semua??

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is extremely awesome!!! coolio hoolio babe!! berbaloi not RM10 untuk midnight.... huhu~
drown your body
your mind
your soul beyond this ultimate 2 hours and a half movie....

huha~ >.<

Monday, June 22, 2009



Sifat cemburu memang hak milik jejaka...
Ya saya sgt setuju!! huha >.<

sometimes you have to stand up when standing is not easy..

Sunday, June 21, 2009


there can be...
coffee without susu...
night without lampu...
curry without lembu...
burgers without keju...
but not me without you abah!!

Selamat Hari Bapa!!!!

kasih ibu membawa ke syurga...
kasih abah membawa bahgia...

i love my abah.... huuuuuuuu~ >.<

selamat hari bapa untukku jua... hik ^_^


entry yang da lama ak nk post... tp asek stuck jek... sebab ad topic yg lg menarek kowt.. hikhik ^>^
ok... aku sudaa addicted dgn senorita Facebook ini...


dia mmg besh
lg function n menarik klu compare ngan fs dan ms... (whoops sorry!! =p)
simple n senang nk kaco org... (sesape yg terkena tu maap yek... selamat hari raye.. ngee~ ^_^)
dpt mkn free... laksa ada... kfc ada... telur penyu pn ada... (huhu jimat elaun den)
n ape2 saje yg membwatkn ak rase beliau menarek... huha >.<

tp yg malehnye...

x berprivacy sgt (stalker manyak neh)
taley tuka nama sesuka suki sesedap strawberi (sedey jek -_-)
byk sgt invitation ngan request (jenuh jori den nk kolik sotu sotu..) but i like it... hoho~

ape-ape pn senorita Facebook mmg syiok... sape-sape setuju angkat berus gigi ekau... hakhak =D

Saturday, June 20, 2009

ψ 10-Most-Dangerous-Toys-of-All-Time ψ

This list is hilarious! According to Radar Magazine these are the worst and most dangerous toys of all time, as defined by their ability to kill, maim and generally be hazardous to the well being of the children to which they were given.

Each toy is linked to the complete page on the Radar website that has a more complete description of the mayhem wreaked by the particular weapon toy.

Here goes then:

Power Wheels Motorcycle10.) Fisher-Price Power Wheels Motorcycle

Eager youngsters who gunned the throttle found that it often stayed gunned, stuck in a petrifying state of perma-acceleration. Presumably, the child on the motorcycle was then taken on a hellish, intestine-twisting scream ride.

Battlestar Launcher9.) Battlestar Galactica Missile Launcher

It takes just a few jabbed eyes, some torn intestines and the death of a child to bring down a party, and that’s just what happened in January 1979, when the battle cruiser missiles were finally recalled.

Johnny Reb Cannon8.) Johnny Reb Cannon

The Reb fired hard, plastic cannonballs with a spring mechanism—the aspiring secessionist need only pull a lanyard. No word on exactly how fast the cannonballs flew, but they traveled up to 35 feet and seemed perfectly sized to lodge into an eye socket, down an open mouth…

Creepy Crawlers7.) Creepy Crawlers

Nothing says safety like an open hot plate. And nothing says fun like using that open hot plate to create molten, rubbery insects you can throw at your sister while narrowly avoiding setting the house ablaze.

At least those who dodged serious injury or disfigurement could safely eat their creation. Oh wait, the critters were toxic, too.

Derringer Belt Gun6.) Bat Masterson Derringer Belt Gun

According to SafeKids USA, “Caps can be ignited by friction and cause serious burns.” Every young boy needs to learn the valuable lesson of always protecting his nether regions, with force if necessary, but given the positioning of the Derringer, the owner’s greatest enemy might have actually been puberty.

Sky Dancer5.) Sky Dancers

Injuries included scratched corneas and temporary blindness, mild concussions, broken ribs and teeth, and facial lacerations that required stitches. Nearly nine million Sky Dancers were eventually recalled, leaving aspiring ballerinas to earn their battle scars the old fashioned way, with an eating disorder.

Snack Time Cabbage Patch4.) Snacktime Cabbage Patch Dolls

With no mechanism to turn off the munching should trouble arise, it was only a matter of time before some cherub’s long blonde hair got caught in the doll’s rabid jaws. After 35 fingers and ponytails fell victim, the Snacktime Kids were removed from retail shelves forever, and 500,000 customers were offered a full $40 refund.

Mini 3.) Mini-Hammocks from EZ Sales

Unfortunately, children seeking to spend an afternoon like Gilligan became entangled in the net and strangled to death.

CPSC reported in August 1996 that the product had resulted in the fatal and near-fatal asphyxiation of dozens of kids ages five to 17 and recalled three million of them.

Radioactive Energy Lab2.) Gilbert U-238 Atomic Energy Lab

For a mere $49.50, the kit came complete with three “very low-level” radioactive sources, a Geiger-Mueller radiation counter, a Wilson Cloud Chamber (to see paths of alpha particles), a Spinthariscope (to see “live” radioactive disintegration), four samples of Uranium-bearing ores, and an Electroscope to measure radioactivity.

Lawn Darts1.) Lawn Darts!

During their brief (and generally awesome) reign in 1980s suburbia, Jarts racked up 6,700 injuries and four deaths.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

☺Magnificent Seven☻

The Mags 7


1.Meet [dealova] together
3.Fall for [dealova] again eventhough im comot
4.come to my place and propose me
5.have someone like [dealova] for the rest of life together happily ever after (cinderella fairy tales)
7.Forgetting [dealova] if number 2 to 6 do not exist


Me+Her = unSANGKArable
bak kata Friendster, its complicated.
huuuuu~ -_-"



ape tu?? terdengar n terpandang benda ni lam tb pagi td... huha ak bgn awal setiap pagi okeh... >.<
emm interesting topic... mampu mencuit minat n perhatianku... haha~ and it is essential 4 girls 2 know i guess... tp x salah kalau telinga lelaki nyebok nk menumpang kasih gak kn.... huha ^>^
so span otakku sempat menyerap benda ni jek seblom mataku lena kembali... hehe~

--> endometrosis bukan kanser tp perangai ngengade cam kanser (tumor kot) .... menjelmakan diri beliau pada dan ketika si saudari dtg bulan... dan menyebabkn si dtg bulan itu dianugerahkan kesakitan yg aku pn tatau di mana... woohaaa cam xbest jek... kes3 >.<
enchek endometriosis ini gemar pada si saudari yang suda akil baligh mampu pregnant sampaila si saudari itu menopause taley pregnant.... erk betoi ke eja menapause lagu tu... huhu~

hhmm repeating process kot... isk3 cam sadis jek... dari muda smpai berkedut pa... oppsss!! heee~
so girls.... mind to share? huha ^.~

[]glad to hve my naughty xy chromosome

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

♣ Super Cool Transformers Ravage Flash Drive ♣

I have nothing but fond memories of my Transformers toys when I was growing up, but even with impressive additions like the Dinobots or SkyLynx, my hands down favorite transformer of all time was Ravage. Why? Because he folded up into an innocent looking micro-cassette that allowed him to be smuggled anywhere.

Sadly Ravage’s stealth was also his downfall because one day he went missing, and was never seen again. But my memories of Ravage will now live on thanks to this transforming USB flash drive. It’s available for pre-order from the BigBadToyStore for $42.99 (eta September 2009) which is actually pretty expensive for a 2GB flash drive. Still, even if it only came with 128Mb on board I bet it would still fly off the shelves.

Source: Ohgizmo

smart siot thumbdrive neh.... sape na blanje ak?? uuuuu~
ak nk yg megatron... huha~ >.<

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


heyya gurl... howt gambar... scandal ke... hehe~
ape ko kesah? bukan gambar awek ko...
uuuuu garang!! mind to intro urself?

blah r... igt muka ak ni cam sangap sgt ke??

mak ai... ganas!! men kasar ye... isk3

ade ak kesah?

huuu lantak la... gambar tu... kontrovesi jek... one way?

ak benci ko r wei... kaum ko pn same jek... ko blah p men2 jaoh2 bley x?

wow2 dats hurt!! alergic ngan kitorg ea... ok fine... hve a gud time with ur tuutt then... daaa~


mereka les!!!!
kenapa kah?
bagaimana kah?

ada yg menggelarkn diri mereka sbgai les bertudung...
ouch!! i know some of them... -_-"

les tu...
sedap eh...

puas tak?
oooo ooooo
enjoy ea...

diorg xmo kawen kah?
xmo ada anak sendiri kah?
mak bapak diorg x kesah kah?
ada yg kantoi ngan parents lam bilik... tp parents bwat donno jek... T__T harus kah?

kepada saudari2 yg berstatus ini, do answer me okeh...
huha >.<
no hard feeling... no heart feeling babe...
juz curious to know... ngee~ MySpace

p/s : any experiences? mind to share... ahak~ ^_^

Monday, June 15, 2009

think.. revise.. decide...

cara hidup vs cara mati
which one is the best for us?
which one can guarantee a pleasurable place for us at His no-end-world later?
which one that can help us... save us from being tortured?
Only God knows..
and He gives us His guidance to let us know too...
you choose...

may your choice being blessed...

~a memoir~

Sunday, June 14, 2009

IM BACK.....

Aku suda pulang!!!!
huha missim every single thing in Malaysia... uhuk2 >.<
thank God kerna tela memberi ako petunjok dan hidayahNya....
sesungguhnya Tuhan...
Engkau Maha Mengetahui... lagi Maha Bijaksana....
Mungkin ako nda suka sesuatu... padahal ia baik amat buatko....
dan mungkin juga ak amat suka sesuatu... padahal ia buruk amat buatko....
semoga Engkau panjangkn umorko... memurahkn rezekiko.... dan memilihko untuk ke sana lg... Aamin!!
da lama nda memblogkn diri... xtaw nk wat entry pa...


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