Saturday, January 24, 2009


Hahahah don’t know whether I spell that correctly or not… huhu~
nway happy new year to all Chinese… mau makan limau manyak2…. Ekkekekekek~~ =p
Bunch of thanks to this celebration… I got a week holiday… haha~
now im home edi… n dats mean im now 24 hours available in front of my lappy… juz buzz wokeh!! muahahha~
Emm actually… this post… I got the idea when I was on my way back to kb aka kota bharu… haha unbelievable?? Believe it!! Hehe~
At first I juz thought about this n felt so lazy to write… but then im afraid that I will lose this idea when I step my foot at my luvly house… so I decided to turn on my lappy and start my writing in the air wick kancil car… haha thanks to faiz for letting me to tumpang him… nti balik mktb tumpang ko lg ek… kes3 ^_^
Pidi was there also… with his china fon.. like wat dat policeman said… kah3 rilek boh
wat next r?
Idea!! I need more idea!! Please landing in my mind now… I don’t wanna stop my writing here… sob3 +_+
owh one more thing…
she went home today also… im quite worried to let her go coz she was alone… nti da mamat ngorat dia lak… eheh~
At least I can accompany her to da bus station.. happy bout dat.. its my pleasure babe…
dont noty2 k… jgn bwat comey lak ngan pakcik driver tu… cubit pipi chubby u tu nti kang... haha~ =p
gonna miss u my syg… zzZZzzz… =_=
(sleep edi)

Friday, January 9, 2009


bila kita mencintai yang lain... mungkinkah hati ini akan tegar... sebisa mungkin... tak akan pernah... sayangku akan hilang....
perghh!!! lagu myheart tu.... hahaha~ =p
bila dengar lagu ni.. tetiba je datang ilham untuk berkarya... huuu maybe sebab lagu ni special kot bagi ak... you know why right... huhu memori yg menggamit kenangan~ ^_^

every night
when i close my eyes
when im ready to the dreamland
every single thing about you keep hunting me
do your feet never hurt?
coz you always wondering in my mind
running in my thoughts all the time
and yeah... im a bad shooter...
coz i always miss you
i have no idea what to do anymore
i tried to forget you
i tried to ignore all the feelings i have for you
guess what
im not stronger than i thought
everytime i think of you
i always fail to know the reason why
is there something else i should know bout you?
maybe you never see
how much i care for you
how much i treasure you
you may never feel
how much i miss you
only here in my heart
can you see them true
im afraid
im afraid to close my eyes
coz i might think of you
im afraid to open my eyes
coz i might see you
im afraid to move my lips
coz i might speak of you
im afraid to listen
coz i might hear
my heart still fall for you
yeah im afraid
afraid to lose you
and it my biggest fear
losing someone like you
coz i still love you babe
it is impossible
and i clearly know that
i just wish
one day
you will miss me terribly
that no matter how hard you look for me
you wont find me
yeah i know
it will only remain as a wish
my wish

p/s1 : waaaa nk skola blk!!!!
p/s2 : untuk tontonan umum sahaja... ahha~

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tag lagi... suke3 =)

fuhh!!! penat fikir nie... hahaha agak2 malas utk menyiapkn tag yg ntah hape2 ni... bagus2... at least otakku berpeluh gak minggu ni... xda tido jek kejenye.... lagi2 sape nk tag ak lagi?? ur welcome babe... huhu~

Name : reenkyra aka mr stalker (Bukan Nama Sebenar)
Sisters : kak
Brothers : abe
Shoe size : M.. hahahaha~
Height : aku mkn calciYum.. mst tinggi... huhu nyum2... ^_^
Where do you live : Roswell, New Mexico
Have you ever been on a plane : hari-hari... nek je pon... cuci tingkap... kah3
Swam in the ocean : aku pakai goggle... huhu~
Fallen asleep at school : mna bley... lam kelas mst control macho... muahahaha~
Broken someone’s heart : ooppsss!!! sorry babe... bukan niatku... =_=
Fell off your chair : ow blom lg... ingin mencuba nti... uhuh xsabo2...
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : uh tade kejenye... bek ak tido... lalala~
Saved e-mails : new frens? hoho~
What is your room like : alien crap... at least lg selesa drpda bilik cik zatie... hahah~ =p
What’s right beside you: angels~
What is the last thing you ate : nugget... nyum2~

Ever had…
Chicken pox : owh x macho r nti... haha bek melahap chicken chop... wink2
Sore throat : hoho sokmo2 afta karok.... heheh =p
Stitches : gapo 2..?? haha~
Broken nose : blom2...

Do you Believe in love at first sight : Yap i do... terkena beb!! =)
Like picnics : mesti!!! hahahaa~

Who was/were…

The last person you danced with : angelina jolie... muahahahaha~~ =p
Last made you smile : adeh lupe dah.. huhu aku da alzheimer.. sori beb!! ahha~
You last yelled at : suara tu aurat... isk3

Today did you…
Talk to someone you like : good morning =)
Kissed anyone : xda mangsa r... ngeh3
Get sick : jatoh hati td... isk =)
Talk to an ex : exs bley x? haha ak nye plural la cik zatie...
Miss someone : im a bad shooter... always miss her.. huuu~ =_=

Who do you really hate : cik zatie... haha~ (benci kn tandanye sayang) =p

Do you like your hand-writing : emm ntah... haha~
Are your toe nails painted : owh masih lg original...
Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in : my sis~ =p
What color shirt are you wearing now : erk klu x berbaju?
Are you a friendly person : terlebih mesra or sombong? hhmm... wondering why they gave me the titles...
Do you have any pets : spyware!! hahaha~
Do you sleep with the TV on : Yap.. bru smlam ttido dpn tv... huuu~
What are you doing right now : thinkin of da answer for this...
Can you handle the truth : Yap.. pretty well i guess... huhu~
Are you closer to your mother or father : ape ni pilih kasih plak... isk3
Do you eat healthy : trying to... huhu~ (jgn contohi cik zatie =p)
Do you still have pictures of you & your ex : time tu kamera x wujud lg... xoxoxo
If you’re having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to : operator maxis =p
Are you loud or quiet most of the time : hoho.. u think??
Are you confident : depend on da situation

5 things I was doing 10 years ago :-
- merosakkan akhlak sendiri dan tetangga... muahaha~
- berusaha menjadi budak nakal...
- kaki kelentong... hoho~
- usha awek sekelas... haha~
- anak yg soleh.... wink2 =p

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire :-
- saman cik zatie sebab tag ak... muahahhaha~
- having my own bowling alley... huhu~
- bid saham Manchester United
- beli whiskas utk kucing ak... ngahaha~
- cari gundik manyak2... lalalala~

5 of my bad habits :-
- koya... hahaha~
- GAY!!! wink2 ^_^
- kaki maen... muahaha~
- kaco anak dara org.... huhu~
- malas bwat esaimen... eheh =p

5 places I’ve lived/living :-
- Paya Rawa
- Kuala Pilah... hoho~
- Kg Raja penah gak rasenye...
- Umah mak mertua... huhu~
- Penang kowt... haha~

5 peeps to tag this survey :-
- Popeye
- Mr Pepaya
- Oggy and Cockroaches
- gundik2 ku sekalian =)
- anak-anak cik zatie yg bakalan lahir nti... huuu~~ =p

p/s : sumer ni adalah rekaan semata-mata okeh... tade yg benarnye pn... sape2 terkena tu, sori k... huhuhu~

Thursday, January 1, 2009


wow its local!!! i just found out bout this indie band... they are good... gempak beb!! their songs are awesome... especially that STAY and TERNYATA song... whoaa great work dude!! cayalah~ ^_^
i recommend this band for you to pleasure your ears...
1st time i heard this song at someone friendster profile... *wink2 =p
so.. about this band...

formed in 2006
5 memebers
- Liyana (vocalis/guitars)
- Jeff (drums)
- Wan (percussions)
- Ariff (bass)
- Izzad (guitars-sessionist)

kt bawah ni antara koleksi-koleksi diorang... tak salah klu mendengar... wahahahaa~~ ^_^




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