Friday, January 9, 2009


bila kita mencintai yang lain... mungkinkah hati ini akan tegar... sebisa mungkin... tak akan pernah... sayangku akan hilang....
perghh!!! lagu myheart tu.... hahaha~ =p
bila dengar lagu ni.. tetiba je datang ilham untuk berkarya... huuu maybe sebab lagu ni special kot bagi ak... you know why right... huhu memori yg menggamit kenangan~ ^_^

every night
when i close my eyes
when im ready to the dreamland
every single thing about you keep hunting me
do your feet never hurt?
coz you always wondering in my mind
running in my thoughts all the time
and yeah... im a bad shooter...
coz i always miss you
i have no idea what to do anymore
i tried to forget you
i tried to ignore all the feelings i have for you
guess what
im not stronger than i thought
everytime i think of you
i always fail to know the reason why
is there something else i should know bout you?
maybe you never see
how much i care for you
how much i treasure you
you may never feel
how much i miss you
only here in my heart
can you see them true
im afraid
im afraid to close my eyes
coz i might think of you
im afraid to open my eyes
coz i might see you
im afraid to move my lips
coz i might speak of you
im afraid to listen
coz i might hear
my heart still fall for you
yeah im afraid
afraid to lose you
and it my biggest fear
losing someone like you
coz i still love you babe
it is impossible
and i clearly know that
i just wish
one day
you will miss me terribly
that no matter how hard you look for me
you wont find me
yeah i know
it will only remain as a wish
my wish

p/s1 : waaaa nk skola blk!!!!
p/s2 : untuk tontonan umum sahaja... ahha~


aPpLePiE said...

my heart?
hope that bwp will be the only person
who you share this song with..
that bwp treasure this song so much for u can stand her suara katak while singing the song..

Sapphire said...

nk skola balik..??
byk sgt Memori Indah ek..

Anonymous said...
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reenkyra said...

sape anonymous 2..??
uhuk2 =_=


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