Saturday, January 24, 2009


Hahahah don’t know whether I spell that correctly or not… huhu~
nway happy new year to all Chinese… mau makan limau manyak2…. Ekkekekekek~~ =p
Bunch of thanks to this celebration… I got a week holiday… haha~
now im home edi… n dats mean im now 24 hours available in front of my lappy… juz buzz wokeh!! muahahha~
Emm actually… this post… I got the idea when I was on my way back to kb aka kota bharu… haha unbelievable?? Believe it!! Hehe~
At first I juz thought about this n felt so lazy to write… but then im afraid that I will lose this idea when I step my foot at my luvly house… so I decided to turn on my lappy and start my writing in the air wick kancil car… haha thanks to faiz for letting me to tumpang him… nti balik mktb tumpang ko lg ek… kes3 ^_^
Pidi was there also… with his china fon.. like wat dat policeman said… kah3 rilek boh
wat next r?
Idea!! I need more idea!! Please landing in my mind now… I don’t wanna stop my writing here… sob3 +_+
owh one more thing…
she went home today also… im quite worried to let her go coz she was alone… nti da mamat ngorat dia lak… eheh~
At least I can accompany her to da bus station.. happy bout dat.. its my pleasure babe…
dont noty2 k… jgn bwat comey lak ngan pakcik driver tu… cubit pipi chubby u tu nti kang... haha~ =p
gonna miss u my syg… zzZZzzz… =_=
(sleep edi)


feeza.yusoff said...

ko g mktb ke?haha!
kenangan lame ouh.

*mcm ak dak mktb ko j*

chris@dotagaki said...

omg... how u tahan faiz's limau smell car... sakit idung je haha.

kacipcrew said...

haha.. siap mu nanti mike... wakkaka.. tunggu post terbaru akuuuuu

z a t i e h u s s i n said...

adeyh. gile jiwang. awek nak balik pon risau. biar la die nak balik. HAHAHA. btw, cuti seminggu yang seronok! yeah~!

Nobita Swan*.^ said...

mikey mouse... gong xi fa cai to u too...:P
enjoy ur one week holiday yea...^^

Anonymous said...

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