Tuesday, December 30, 2008

cik zatie tag ak... haha~

hoho cik zatie x puas hati nampaknye... dia kenakn ak balik... isk3 =_=
xbek berdendam cik zatie... berubahlah ye... huuuuuuu~ =p

7 ciri lelaki/wanita idaman anda :
haha siot tol... da 18 belas taon idup, xpenah ak pikir sal benda nih...
mmg mencabar r...

i- muslimah sejati kowt... haha~
ii- comey macam dia =)
iii- ade kerja tetap... hehe~
iv- manja tp x gedix... hoho~ ^_^
v- boleh diharap... ngee~~ =p
vi- penyayang + caring...
vii- pandai masak... (cik zatie mampu ke yg ni...) hahaha~

7 ciri lelaki/wanita yang tak pernah anda minati sepanjang hidup anda :
plak daa... td suke ni xsuke plak... isk3...

i- terover gedix... sory la... eeuuwww!!!
ii- perasan lebey.. hahaha~
iii- bajet pandai lam sumer hal...
iv- banyak mulut... cakap xtau nk stop.. potpet potpet... isk3
v- gelak kuat2... owh x senonoh tol... haiz
vi- pompuan murahan... huhu sape2 terase 2 sowie ea... lalalala~~
vii- kedekot!!! hahaha =p

7 perasaan anda sekiranya keluar dengan orang yang diminati :

i- so in luv =)
ii- suke + gumbira
iii- syok abes... haha~
iv- xmo balik...
v- esok nk kuar lg...
vi- rasa nk ketawa same2 =)
vii- neves... hahahaha~

7 tempat istimewa yang ingin anda lawati bersama pasangan anda :
satu je yg sempat ak pk... hahaha yg lg enam tu len kali la... ^_^

i- Roswell (nk honeymoon ngan alien.. huhu~)

7 barangan/sesuatu yang istimewa yang akan di hadiahkan kepada si dia :

i- my heart =)
ii- my soul =p
iii- music box (dia yg nak kot.. haha~)
iv- wedding ring =)
v- necklace
vi- husband yg soleh... ahhaha siot je ^_^
vii- hari-hari yg indah bersamamu... ^_^

7 tajuk lagu yang akan anda nyanyikan untuk pasangan anda :
haha x berbakat la nyanyi2 ni... karaoke bley r... huhu~ dua sudaa...

i- relaku pujok.. haha~
ii- dirantai digelangi rindu... chewaahh~ =p

7 wanita/lelaki yang kene jawab tag ni :

i- future wife (bini no.1)
ii- future wife (bini no.2)
iii- future wife (bini no.3)
iv- future wife (bini no.4)
v- awek-awekku sekalian... hahaha perasan jek..
vi- mak mentua + pak mentua....
vii- jiran seblah umah... huuuuu~

7 sebab nape aku xmo bwat tag ni :
ni adalah soklan special dari cik zatie... huhu ngengade tol... isk3

i- sbb cik zatie yg tag... muahahahhahaa =p
ii- banyak mende len lg ak nk bwat...
iii- membazir mase ak je...
iv- penat otak memikir n letih jari jemari menaip...
v- mak aku marah tag2 ni... isk3
vi- kaco masa tido ak je... ape daaaa....
vii- sebab ak xmo la!!!!!!

hoho done edi... adakah anda puas cik zatie?? hahahahhahahaha~~
btw thanks coz tag me... len kali tag lg... huhu~ ^_^

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Things That I Hate About School

things that i hate bout shcool!!! haha got no better idea lol... suddenly this crap crossed my mind... so i work on it to cherish my damn boring day... hahaha~
here it goes......

4 things i hate bout school....
school..? owh im in college now... haha i guess it does not matter aite...

1- Rules
Gosh!! really hate those craps.. well some of them k... dont know why... mayb because they are againts my wonderful nature... hahaha
and currently im breaking that no-life rules... haha im proud of myself... say NO to RULES!!! wahahaaha maybe some of u disagree... well none of my business... lalala~ =p

2- Mr Director
sorry to say lol mr.-you-know-who... i didnt really mean it... but u always babling bla..bla..bla... and u keep repeating the same sleepy speech... ow come on dude!! u dont know how to give a speech? u dont know how to express words from bottom of your heart?
what u did is only reading the text that have been written for u.. owh gosh!! must u? isk isk isk.. pity u... ow and one more thing... u keep talking bout rules... hahaha damn it... i wont listen at all... lalalalalala daydreaming is better lol... ^_^

i have to pay for it... bloody hell!!! i thought the college is loaded enough to sponsor the wireless network for students... well my dream i guess... i have to pay.. i have to pay for that damn bastard slow connection!!!!! what's this?? not worthwhile at all...
im never going to pay for that crap again.. never!! huhu just borrowed the maxis broadband from my roommate.. thanks dude~ =)

4- morning class
i love to sleep until afternoon u know... hahaha bad me!! =p huuuuuuu miss my sleeping time.. isk =( i have to wake up early in the morning... brush my teeth... take the turn... standing, queuing and waiting to take my shower... owh im used to it now... and i got backup plan for that... haha i decided to wake up late every morning coz nobody is showering that time... they all gone for lectures... bathroom is mine now... wahaha~

5- Assembly
ow ow i really hate this... no wonder i skip it all the time... ahhahaha~~ well not so much comment bout this creepy assembly... i do hate it.. haha~

so that's all i guess... actually that's what i can think right now... haha maybe there are still few things that bother me... well never mind... they didnt affect me so much kot... haha~ now time for revenge!! *evil face*

sapphire diary
athirah mohamed
the exquisite instigator

all of you have been tagged!!!!
post what u hate bout school k... lalalalalala~~ =p

p/s : sorry if my english is terrible... i know that... hahaha =p

Friday, December 26, 2008

Read This Story!!!

I wanna share a story with you, reader... the real one okeh... im not making a story meh... i heard it from someone who-must-not-be-named... huhu~
so spend you precious time bout three to five minutes to read this k... This incident happen at Gong Badak, Terengganu..... gosh!! its hilarious and terrible ( da resident there called it berat nanang)....
So let the story begins.........
A friend woke up at the crack of dawn to send his children to school... he started his car's engine...
its working... he put the car in reverse gear and started to drive but the car didnt move... He whispered to himself... "start kete broom bromm idop.. gane masuk gear dop jalang..." :-/ (confused face)
So he decided to call a mechanic to check what is wrong with his car... he didnt repair it himself...
haaa he is a good person right? dont repair by yourself if u dont know how to do it k... dont be like tikus membaiki labu (my fren called it hamster with the halloween pumpkin)... huhu~
so he called a mechanic... tuut tuut.. tuut tuut.. tuut tuut... hello... can u bla..bla..bla... and then the mechanic came... he opened the car's bonet... he checked the engine... he tested the engine... well it is in good condition... same goes to the carburetor... then he checked the plate number... nothing change... he wondered why the car didnt move... hhmmm....
when the sun rised and the surrounding getting more clear... the mechanic shocked and this words came out from his mouth, "Laakk tadop tayar!!!! hahahahahaha tadop tayar!!! tadop tayar gak tok cekak press, cari minyok tigo kapal pn dop gerok... hahahaha"
huhu~ well actually this is a story bout irresponsible person who kidnapped a car's tyres... sounds ridiculous right? huhu but its true... a true story from Gong Badak, Terengganu.... dont ever try this k... haiz =_=

p/s : do comment =p

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


aargghhh borimnye!! borimnye!!! borim smpai da skt kpla otakku yg agak2 pndai ni... huhuhuuu~ xtau nk bwatpe lol... seb bek ari ni dpt men futsal... xda la keboringan sgt... huhu syok abes!!! meleleh beb... puas ati tol men ari ni... bju cam bru lps wat laundry tuh... haha~~ stendek la kn... ^_^
balik2 je teros makan.. n then lena bersama towel putihku... zzZZzz~~ haha betuah punya laki... isk best ow tido.... kepenatan + kekenyangan + ketidoran = heaven~
wink2 =p
malamnye plak... adeh!! sakit kepala meh... xtau la wat hapen... mayb sbb smlam xtido kowt... huhu sape suh xtido kn... padan muka lu.. haha aku la 2.... isk!! =(
makin menjadi-jadi plak headache ni.... da la bertandang x dijemput... siap bawak geng plak tu...
pe nme diorang ek?? emm haa!! demam and batok!!! adess la... siot tol korg ni... kaco idop ak je... xley tgk org bahgia ea..? alahai ngade2 tol anda.... mna actifast ku?? lol lupa nk beli plak... stok suda abes meh... shialan btol.... sume nk sabotaj je ni... adeh!! xpe2... malam ni ak tido awal la nmpaknye... huuuuu alahai...
hhmm lambat lg nk register new sem.... miss my maktab edi... huuu miss my fren oso... hope they miss me too... haha menggedixkn diri jap... ehheh~
nway dude, ak blk mktb 10hb nti... c u there ok.... kita karok ramai2... haha~ chow!!!

Just 4 fun =p
Girls have very Stupid Speacialities : (1) they wet without bath (2) they bleed without Injury (3) they give milk without eating grass (4) Make boneless thing Hard!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


virus and spyware!!!
gosh!! really hate those fucking creatures... sucks!! they only know creating troubles and make people suffering splitting headaches... what a damn!!
we should do something bout this... we should get rid of those son-of-bitch!!
Fight For Your Right!!!
here are some antivirus and antispyware that i recommended you to try...
click to download ok..


1.Trojan Remover
2.Spyware Terminator
3.Spybot Search & Destroy


2. NOD32 3.0.669
3.Antivir Personal

Sunday, December 21, 2008


1. 1 word best describe you?
+ im Gay!!! (^_^)
2. your worst habit?
+ sleEPing... =)
3. day or night person?
+ Night.. Go Go BatMaN!!!! =p
4. left or right handed?
+ right.. i wish i could use both... huuu~~
5.favorite colour ?
+ white... black.... ntah la.... haha~
1. your parents names
+ Abah n Mak =)
2. where do your family live?
+ Roswell, New Mexico
3. siblings
+ Six a.ka. 6 =p
4. nicknames
+ mike... shaz... ( yin..?? =p )
5. closest in d family
+ emmm ntah... haha ;)
1. your current education
+ FutuRE TeacHEr.... hahahahaha~~
2. favorite school/university
3. best exam result
+ owos malu i... =_=
4. worst exam result
+ ak kn dak bijak... mesti result gempak2.... wakakaka (^_^)
5. favorite class/subject
+ PJ... haha =)
1. your bestfriends
+ Marini..??
2. give or take
+ both...
3. do u remember their birthdays
+ of coz i do... huhu~
4. do you tend to choose friends who have many things in common with u?
+ emm.... dont care at all...
5. life without friends...
+ Vios without tyres...

1. your status
+ addicted!!! =p
2. how many times have you fallen in love
+ twice... i guess.... =)
3. name your current lover
+ she-who-must-not-be-named... mmuuaahh =p
4. why are u still with this guy/girl
+ i do luv her... i will luv her... i always luv her...
5. the most important thing in relationship
+ honesty, unDerstanding, CaRiNG, spORtiNG

Thursday, December 18, 2008


another boring day... haiz =_=
nothing seems to be interesting...
woke up at 10 am... start my day with Roswell... as usual.. im addicted to it... huhu~
currently watching the season 2... getting more exciting lol... =)
talking bout Roswell.. actually it is a place... somewhere in New Mexico, USA...
they said there was a crashed here in 19 something.. im not clear bout that...
Yeah it was.. a crashed.. they believed it was alien things...
i guess this is the main thing that inspired Jason Katims to create this alien story..
it is about the royal four.. aliens!!
wow even aliens hve their royal four... ahhaha cant imagine that.. =p
Max Evan, Isabel Evan, Michael Guerin and Tess...
they were born in human form... like us... with special gifts and powers...
haha what on earth is that... I wanna do such things too... gosh!!
dont want to talk bout that anymore la... boring!!!
hahahaha~ =p

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


1. Sensitif : Bukan bermaksud suka merajuk, tapi hanya ingin bermanja dan mendapatkan perhatian.

2. Cerewet : Bukan bermaksud FUSSY tak tentu hala, kadang ingin LELAKI mengikut kata-katanya sekali sekala.

3. Halus : Ibarat sehelai sutera, cantik, mulus, lembut dan mudah tercarik dan koyak. Walaupun seorang wanita memaafkan seseorang yang lain atas sebab sesalahan, biasanya WANITA akan ingat kesalahan tersebut untuk disimpan jadi pengajaran. Bukan DENDAM.

4. Ikhlas : Ikhlas seorang wanita tak perlu diragui.

5. Korban : WANITA sanggup berkorban apa saja untuk seseorang yang amat disayangi, termasuk ibu bapa, anak-anak dan suami. WANITA amat tabah.

6. Prihatin : Sentiasa memerhatikan keadaan sekeliling dalam diam.

7. Manja : Walaupun dia adalah seorang WANITA yang pandai berdikari,naluri seorang WANITA masih lagi tetap seorang WANITA. Suka bermanja bukan hanya kepada insan yang bernama LELAKI , namun juga sesama kaum.

8. Ego : WANITA yang terlalu sayangkan kekasihnya sanggup menolak ketepi EGOnya apabila bersemuka dengan yang dicintai.

9. Cinta : CINTA pertama bagi wanita adalah yang paling dalam dan tulus.

10. Seks : SEKS bukanlah segala-galanya buat WANITA kerana WANITA diciptakan dengan 9 nafsu dan satu akal. NAFSU yang banyak dan tidak tertumpu kepada satu saja. LELAKI pula dijadikan dengan 9 akal dan
satu nafsu. Fungsi lelaki adalah membimbing WANITA dan bukan menghanyutkannya.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

T.R.U.E. L.O.V.E.

In most cases we think: this is true love, when in fact it’s not. But than if this ain’t love than what it is? There are plenty of things that we confuse with love.

It could be just the basic instinct. The feelings can be passionate and crazy, but in fact both people may want only sex. And after it all the misunderstanding starts, and once infatuated lovers will find out that they have nothing in common and sometimes they don’t even know what to talk with each other.

Another variant is when people lack support, care and attention to their person or they just scared to stay single. Being with someone can be a habit when one simply got used to the other. It can either be a sick addiction or some self-interest. People call all these types of relationship love just by mistake or trying to conceal the true nature of it.

But than what does real love look and feel like? Maybe it’s when two people seem to know each other for ages and even in their previous lives. They can go on talking and talking and conversation never lacks topics and never gets dull. Or people don’t have to say anything because they understand each other without words. And those moments, minutes and even hours of silence are never uncomfortable. True love is when partners complete one another, when they’re together it’s peaceful, the whole other world with it’s sufferings and problems doesn’t exist and nothing even matters.

True love means understanding. One trusts another more than him/herself and feels ready to satisfy every little need of a partner. Two people don’t stop for a second looking into each other eyes.

It’s said that two persons truly in love aren’t looking at each other but in the one direction. And this is rather reasonable because they don’t say nothing “this is yours and this is mine” and share everything: friends, enemies, interests, problems and etc. One has his/her own identity but sees him/herself only as a part of the other. Still real love is not a relationship of property. If you really love someone you may say “I belong you” but always be ready to let go if it makes the person you love happy.

Jealousy stands out of the true love. How can one be jealous if there’s so much love and faithfulness? Real love doesn’t long for power, it doesn’t want to hurt, doesn’t want to punish for mistakes, it’s self-sacrificing and ready to forgive other and other again. But it’s wrong to think that true love is always a suffering, it only means that you take a person as he or she is and don’t expect the one you love to be perfect.

True love isn’t supposed to blow your mind, yet it doesn’t tend to get and to possess – it’s a and very special state of a soul.

But the question that true love is still has no definite answer. Do we truly love only once in our life? At what age are we supposed to meet our love? Does it last for a lifetime or just for a while? Probably everyone has his own answers to this questions. The truth is that no one should spend life chasing ideals or building relationships by some model of a true love. One will probably fail and miss the real thing beyond all this.

We should remember that very many things we need to supply our healthy and comfortable living but only the true feeling of love makes life really longer and happier. And this is scientifically proved.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Back To Normal....

hhmm everybody is missing...
the house getting quite... and creepy as usual...
gonna be bored again... haiz =_=
since last week... its really2 happening...
we had great time together..
now i start to miss dat laugh we used to have...
da story dat we used to share...
they are not here anymore...
return to where they actually belong... i guess..
my luvly sisters n brothers... huhu~
well everything is getting normal again...
i know i will face da same ordinary days starting tomorrow...
gosh i hate dat... kinda boring.. n it sucks!!!
gonna miss u all...
mish u also dear...
nape la u tido awal ea... isk =_=

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I’m sorry of being so emotional
I’m sorry of being so possessive
I’m sorry that I cry for you
I’m sorry because I can’t live without you

I’m sorry for the tears you shed
I’m sorry for the damage I made
I’m sorry I’ve made you sick
Sorry I hurt you so deep

I’m sorry for giving you sleepless nights
I’m sorry for each and every fight
I’m sorry for your pain & agony
I’m sorry for the missing harmony

I’m sorry for my selfish love
I’m sorry for not caring enough
I’m sorry for my restlessness
I’m sorry for the losing grace

I’m sorry my dear I made you mad
I’m sorry darling you are so sad
Sorry for not giving you any happiness
Sorry because it’s my disgrace

I’m sorry for thinking of you so very much
I’m sorry I always miss your touch
I’m sorry of being so mad about you
I’m sorry for my every blue

I’m sorry of being so immature
I’m sorry now that can’t be cured
I’m sorry of being myself
I’m sorry that I’ve failed

I’m sorry and sorry again
I’m sorry of being insane
But believe me that I love you
Should I say sorry for that too?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Miss U

I wish...
I didn't have to miss you....
If only you could be with me always....
I know I could never be any happier...
But then again...
I know that the day will come...
when I will be able to spend my every waking moment with you....
I even miss you when I am sleeping!

I love you, babe....
You are my only love...
and I thank you for be so kind with my heart....
Hopefully, soon I won't have to hate missing you....

Monday, December 8, 2008


Happy Aidiladha to me... huhuhu~
same goes 2 u... hehe =)
start the day with semayang raya.. at da surau...
well.. start with selsema actually... waaaa!!!! hate it!!!
now it worsen... i think.. isk =(
4get bout it laa...
emm i hve to admit it... quite sleepy during the khutbah...
hehe bad me!! =p
then we shaking hand and asked for forgiveness...
huhu a good culture aite..?
my stomach starts to sing... waa hungry lol...
but seems like lost my appetite today... uhuk2 dem selsema!!
dat afternoon my family and i went to surau again....
not semayang for da 2nd time k...
we went to see the korban victims...
heheh pity them.... and also pity me...
i have to pull the cows leg... waaaa dat cow stronger than me lor...
blood everywhere at my hand and leg... also my uniform... huuuu =(

actually.. im quite upset today...
hhmm her again... i dont know whats wrong...
i think she did nothing wrong... maybe im too sensitive...
sorry dear (-_-)
i miss u so much.....

Friday, December 5, 2008


huhu whats wrong with the title..?
Excited..? i am excited..? am i..?
well i dont know...maybe.. haha =)
wanna know why?
heehe finally she who-must-not-be-named has her own blog maa....
waa suke2... ari 2 bkn men len lg xmo bwat...
skrg ni... huuuhuu =p
well cant wait to read ur posts dear...
post la manyak2....
wuuu~~ (^_^)

A song 4 u...

Tiada secantik bahasa mu
Ku gubah lalu menjadi lagu
Tidak setanding paras
Wajahmu itu menjadi rindu

Andainya bulan retak seribu
Bayangmu ada dimana-mana
Jika kaca berderai
Luka tertusuk
Seluruh jiwa
Kita pun diibaratkan
Kasih suci yang bahagia
Aku turut merasakan
Mahligai yang
Jadi nyata... bersamamu

Pertama dan kaulah segalanya
Riwayat yang menghikayat cinta
Kasih jangan biarkan
Kata yang nista
Membakar kita

Kata janji bukan ukuran
Hanya sejati dalam diri
Kuburkan aku dihatimu
Demi cinta sebelum mati
Sejauh manapun terpisah
Kau dihatiku dan ku sama
Dalam tidur dalam terjaga
Ku ucapkan salam sejahtera

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

7 Secrets to Winning the One You Want

Have you ever felt frustrated trying to get the one you want to want you back? Have you ever felt like the cause was hopeless and there's just nothing you can do to win their heart?

Such frustrations are common. All human beings are subject to them. While there is no way to completely avoid them, there is a way to overcome them and find success. The way requires a basic understanding of those principles that motivate the human heart, followed by a patient application of those principles.

If you will systematically apply those principles in a well thought out strategy, you will ultimately reap the rewards of your efforts.

Applying the principles is up to you, but today I wanted to share with you a few truths relating to love and romance:

  • "In Love" is a form of dependency. Therefore, if you want someone to be in love with you, you will have to make up your mind to meet their emotional needs so that they can grow dependent upon you. This includes hundreds of hours of listening to them while they talk while you, for the most part, are just attentively silent.

  • People are attracted to independence and repulsed by those who seem to cling. Therefore, to avoid scaring off a potential love you must throw in a lot of apparent aloofness while trying to win them. If you think this may confuse the one you want about your real intentions, you're right. Sorry, but that's just the way it needs to be in the early stages of romance.

  • People want what they can't have. Therefore, you have to hold back form giving yourself completely to the one you want at the first indications they're starting to become attracted to you. Instead of giving the dog the whole steak at once, feed it to him/her one bite at a time, over an extended period of time.

    I'm speaking here of deeply shared feelings and your valuable time. Be careful with how much time and feeling you give to the one you want. As to sexual involvement, that should be withheld until after the marriage vows, or you'll reduce their incentive to get there. Why buy the cow when the milk is free?

  • People's conscious decisions are subconsciously motivated. Therefore, don't be too concerned by what the one you want says they think they want, or acts like they think they want. You should act on principle and eventually they'll realize that what they really want is you.

  • People are most drawn to a person with a positive and confident self-image. Therefore, resist the temptation to spill your feelings of self-doubt. Nothing is a bigger turn-off than somebody who insists on bursting your bubble and destroying the image they want to have of you.

  • People's attitudes are really a reflection of what you think of them. Therefore, while not wearing your heart on your sleeve, you must still prove though your actions that your friendship to them is a committed one. This takes time.

  • The longer a relationship grows, the stronger it becomes. Therefore, if you mess up along the way, take comfort in the fact that tomorrow is another day, and the fact that you prove you have lasted and learned from yesterday's hardships, will in itself increase their feelings of commitment to you in the long run.
  • Tuesday, December 2, 2008


    amboi xcukup satu... u tambah lagi satu ea...
    u neyh.. mengacau masa bowink i la... hahahha =)
    well here u go :

    What Were You Doing 5 Years Ago?
    stalking someone... ahhaha =)
    full time student i guess... i miss my school actually...
    my friends... waaaa!!!!
    hhmm.... that time i met someone.. a girl of coz...
    very nice person (kinda weird actually) ahhaha =p

    and... im also a troublemaker that time... wakakakkaka (^_^)

    What Were 5 Things On Your To Do List Today (02 December 2008)?
    > Her (wanna comfort her.. i wish =_= )
    > Makan2.. huhuhu
    > Futsal'ing of coz =)
    > sleep..? =p
    > babling

    What Are 5 Snacks That You Enjoy?
    - Pringles
    - Twisties
    - Kuaci a.k.a. kace ralik ( hahahha dats wat my fren named it ( ^_^ )
    huhuh tu je kot... lalala~~

    What Are 5 Things That You Do If You Were Billionaire?

    asyik 5 things je... da bowink r ni... haiz

    > Support my family (parents especially)
    > Support HER (i wish)
    > study
    > own a company (luv to business)
    > Sape2 yg berminat mintak je... kompom ak bg... hahahahha

    What Are 5 Jobs You've Had?
    > troublemaker
    > lover
    > PUM
    > supporter
    > trainee teacher

    Who Are 5 Persons You Want To Tag ?
    no one... aku tau benda ni menyusahkn... huhu~~


    ± Kata Menoda Bahasa ±