Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ω Introduction to Destruction Ω

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Children of the beast embrace
To scorn and hate the human race
Consume the light that hugs the earth
And aid the womb in giving birth
To a group that will appear
And guide you through this final year
The dark armies then will come
When the sum is 41

Hold me
Like you held on to life
When all fears came alive
and entombed me
Love me
Like you love the sun
Scorching the blood
in my vampire heart

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Humans are like books...
Dont judge them by their covers...

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© Feelings change-memories don't.


siCipot said...

cm da lame xnyebok kt sni ahakzzz!

kAyzAck said...

allops my fren...
ko nk ak hit ko kt ner??? bgtau jer... hehehehhehe
nice blog...!!!!!


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