Thursday, September 10, 2009

09 09 09 jom on9 =D

Yeay!! Finally the 17 of us were together... ++our tutor, En Mat Salleh, and his wife, she-who-i-dn-know-her-name.. heee sorry!! so 19 edi.. gosh!! really hard to get this done... after several failures, at last we did it... huuu thanks to God for giving us this opportunity to break the fast together.. *sounds weird* like i care... hahahaha~~ okeh.. start with the juadah 1st... they served us with ikan bakar, ikan 3 rasa, tomyam campur, sayur kailan, sotong goreng tepung, jus tembikai and jus oren.... whoooaaa they extremely awesome!!!! i like~~ haha.. that rm21 each really really worth for those melahap thingy.. =D -->credit to Nurul Ikan Bakar<-- tolong promote tuh.. nanti kasi diskaun ye... ahak!!
so.. some pixca:

the lauk-pauk.. 1 ikan bakar missing... hehe


its mine... shuh shuh!!

aku scandal...



halis and yati's birthday...

haha... really enjoy the moment... now waiting for the upcoming Aidilfitri for the next plans.. two more to go i guess... ^__^


sirmat said...

Well sweet heart's name, Azuana Mohd Amin...thanks for you guys, we really enjoy that night. So, Selamat Berhari raya..maaf zahir dan batin. Hope u enjoy ur holiday.

reenkyra said...

owh.. okie.. =D
selamat hari raya jugak..


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