Sunday, November 29, 2009


why politic?
turn left najib.
turn right nik aziz.

haih people these days keep talking bout this rival issue.. some said nik aziz overreacted by wishing the destruction of najib and his colony. it is not reasonable and unacceptable because nik aziz himself is an ulama'. he should knows better about this 'overreact' thingy in Islamic view.

and the other half said nik aziz has the right to pray like that. he was the annoyed one. kelantan is the annoyed 0ne.. doa org2 teraniaya makbul tau... hehe~

so.. no matter how extreme this issue will be, going to court. judge. know who right who wrong, we still will not know the judgement from God. the real judgment. so better we dont provoke each other too much. or else we also got their shares.. huhu~ dont blame others if we are not so sure.. do not condemn others if we also have the insufficient knowledge.. kn kn?

why is this happening?

why we fight with each other?

why we let our enemies happy and secure?

what will happen next? what else?

will Malaysia stay as Malaysia in the future?

all of this are politics.
In Islam, there are also politics.
but dont let Islam being political. =)


nik aiman said...

guano loni niii..
nk jd parah dh nii..
bnyk salah faham nii.

reenkyra said...

stendek msia la polotik2 tu..
nk kato guano lagi...
ore kato gini demo kato gitu..
x abes sokmo la..

Anonymous said...

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