Thursday, December 31, 2009

welcome dude.

1st entry for 2010. yeah it is 2010 already. and of course im getting older.. old? well maybe not.. just no more teen for my age.. haha~ i bet everybody now checking their list for the new azam. dont want this.dont want that. bla..bla..bla.. hahaha~

yeah it's kinda hard.. 30-70 maybe.. 30 for making my azam real and another 70 seems to be impossible. hik3~ i can do it.. hell yeah!!!

celebrating new year? emm maybe not.. i prefer sitting in front of my lappy... doing some naugthy2 thingy... haha~ well do you celebrate it? KL?? Penang?? UK?? Australia?? Jerteh?? hik3
whoaa mereka mereka di kaca tv begitu excited sekali ea.. countdown.jerit jerit. happy new year lah untuk anda.. jangan ada happy new born nanti sudey... lalala~~

bubbye 2009.
some shitty happen..i wont forget that.. ever. sorry myself for putting all the blame on you.. you deserve it Mikey.. hopefully those shitty wont repeat okeh.. okeh okeh? ahahahhaa shame on you!!

Dear God.
Give me strength.
Lead me in your smooth path.
Guide me in your truth.


Ayuni said...

hepy 2010!

have a wonderful year. =)

sya mansor said...

hepy new year :)

Anonymous said...

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