Wednesday, July 7, 2010

meah kata, choose a guy who makes you feel beautiful.

Different girls have different tastes. Don't be shy. If a guy likes someone, he should definitely flirt. Be playful. Being flirty is fun, but being flirty with everyone will probably scare a girl away because that may cause problems in the future. Just limit yourself to flirting with the girl you really like and don't be shy about asking a girl out.

No risks means no results. Asking her out will show her you have courage and you aren't afraid of showing your feelings. Girls want someone that will always be there for them, so listen to them, give opinions, help them out through hard times. They want to feel beautiful. They want a guy that will always think she is beautiful, even all sweaty in her PE clothes.


Anonymous said...

and girl loves guy who's willing to share all his life stories and secrets.

Dewi Kumbang said...

yeay! suka entry ni.
yup3! agreed.

reenkyra said...

certain things must remain as secret right?

hehe.. ^__^

iszieylyanziy said...

suke :)

Anonymous said...


reenkyra said...


Ilyana Z Fauzy said...

Jgn hanya berkata. Jangan hanya menulis. Jika hati tidak serupa dengan apa yang dizahirkan. Jika perbuatan berbeza dengan kata-kata.

reenkyra said...

good saying.. =))

Anonymous said...

definitely agree with Ilyana Z Fauzy!


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