Wednesday, January 5, 2011


what's wrong with me? lately everything seems not right for me.. it seems to be going against me and make me realise where i stand.

totally unexpected! haih.. -_-

it maybe a sign that God has something better for me.. perhaps.

Dear God..
the only thing i ask of You, is to hold her when im not around.. when im much too far away.

earlier i learnt about language with madam mar. it was fun!! =)
as a warmer, we had to define the meaning of 'poyo' and 'sengal'. huh? hahaha!
then, she asked us to think a word (dialect) which has same spelling, same pronunciation, but carry a different meaning. there is one thing that made me smile spontaneously...


yea maybe for semenanjung citizens, belon means balloon. but for the sarawakian, belon means aeroplane. first time i heard this word, was during the last semester. i went out with this person, SS, and SS shared with me everything bout life and probs.. SS said that SS always use belon to go home.. at first, i was mistaken.. huh belon? i thought of balloon too. and then i realised that it is actually an aeroplane. haha silly! well that was a quite-sweet-memory u know.. Queensbay as witness. aha!

no matter what, madam mar story was the best lah.. most hilarious. haha! learnt new dialect 'kecik konek' which means very small..

"kecik konek bendi ni..."

we all laughed and the marker pen at madam mar's hand flew away. LOL! hahahaha...



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