Wednesday, February 9, 2011

miss letch punya pasal

hahaaha tajuk bikin gempak je kan ada pasal miss letch... bukan nk mengata, tapi sebab masuk kelas dia lah aku kena buat poem ni... tapi last2 tak submit jugak.. mistake byk sgt + takot kena kondem.. tu lah buat lagi keje last minute kn.. huhu

im not a shakespeare
to compare thee to a summer day
painting the love through words that beautiful to say
deeply in the soul my love lay
branch with full of birds everyday
forever there it will stay
dear God hear me pray

im not a doctor
to heal when your heart bleeding
giving CPR when the soul suffocating
only my guitar gonna be plucking
with the tears it will sing
through the night that rain falling
making your heart once again dancing

i stand in this hall
waiting for the nature call
as the night begin to fall
we will start our ballad ball
hear me my all
will you be my wonderwall

reenkyra sarcastic August 14, 2010



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