Monday, November 23, 2009

lemonade fruit punch.

yeah that's happening to me right now. I'm having this conversation with her-belongs-to-someone-else. Haha. and u know what? this just happen because of the lemonade fruit punch. Satu jug. Dua straw. Satu pandangan. dan satu rasa. I am such a sweet talker to her. why? because I know she wont fall for me. and if she did, she wont dare to leave her hubby behind. kan kan? Hehe. sorry to say, u are sweet too. so, I guess you promised me something.

im just me.
not him.
no matter how sweet i am.
no matter how often.
u fall for me this time.
i am still me.
and u still belong to him.

Hehe. Thanks for liking it. This poem. Created during the chat. Spontaneously. You promised to keep it in your diary right? Do keep your words. and I will jot down your saying too. ^__^

no...i kept it in my heart...not juz in mind..

a sweet nite..talking to a sweet talker..

everything is sweet...

..wif u..

dahla kelakar...

sengal pun ade..


..a good package..

p/s: thanks for the lemonade fruit punch. =)


Anonymous said...

sweet writing...(^,^)v

dear reenkyra,
As we grow older together,
As we continue to change with age, There is one thing that will never change. . .
I will always keep d memory with you...forever~


Ayuni said...

sweet talker? hohoho~kurgkn makan manis sket ye.kng kene kencing manis! ;p

reenkyra said...

saya sweet stalker la.. heee~ =)

MiHa is MynaMe said...

yes.kamoo mmg sweettalker.
keep it up si ngada2. :)

reenkyra said...

aaa mna da...
tak aci korg pakat...
waaaa!! =(


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