Sunday, November 22, 2009


Sometimes you need to let go untuk selamatkan diri u sendiri.
Kadang-kadang you need to cut yourself, in order to let all the bad blood out.

Kadang-kadang I fikir I cut myself too much sampai I perlukan orang derma darah pada I.

I thought I was healed. Right away. Macam magic.. they wave the wand and all my cuts are healed.


Anonymous said...

y d title is "pelangi"?

reenkyra said...

sbb kamo kot..
colourful tp x sume org nmpk..
cuma pelangi x kekal lama..
bt u stay..
hhaha~ =D

Anonymous said...

tp mender yg kamo tulis x "colourful" pon hakikatnya an..huhu

reenkyra said...

colourful if ur in my situation..

mademoiselle tq said...

darah kan merah, but the poem (is it poem?) is coulurful? wow, kne selam betul2 dalam baru dapat nmpk warna-warni tu.. :P
salam blogging.. hehe~

reenkyra said...

i cut myself.. and I pray to God..
although im bleeding, He still listening.. He guide me..
He lead me to the right path..
to the best way of life..
eventhough there is still blood at my wound, time will heal it..
i know.. and im sure..
when im truly ready, God will destine me to sum1 better..
sum1 who can walk with me through His path.. under His law.. with lots of taufiq and Hidayah... InsyaALLAH..

aint that beautiful?
its colourful enough for me..
its ok to cut urself,to bleed 1st and in return u will be blessed forever..

btw its not a poem.. credit to Syud for his/her writing.. =D
just wanna share it.. i have my own opinion bout those words..
others? i dn know.. hehe =p


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