Saturday, September 25, 2010

im losing you.. im losing hope..

it has been.. 5 years i guess.. yet i still cant forget u.. damn it! it hurts alot.. and i cant let it out.. i dont know why.. i just.. cant! u have become part of me babe.. cant rid of.. no way out.. why dont i find someone to replace u? yes i did.. and i failed.. im afraid to erase those two years memories of us.. it has become part of me.. its not that simple to forget and start something new.. its not like a dream.. a nightmare.. that disappears once we wake up from our sleep.

im not good enough for u. and it is worse since the day i let u go. but u.. i can see getting better and better. u have become the person that every woman wants to be.. im so proud of u.. and jealous.

u will go.. somewhere that i know i cant afford to follow. even if i could, you are not mine anymore.. then why should i get a good treat from u? i dont deserve it.. right? just.. take care dear. i know u can live well there.. dont worry about me.. im good! i can handle this sort of feeling.. i just simply write because my tears wont able to do it. chill~

so many things i wanna tell.. but.. i just cant. haih how i wish to live with u! -_-"

p/s: nk bwat novel ni.. oke tak? hak3


iszieylyanziy said...

sabr2,,,nnt ade lah sinar y menjelam :)


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